Server Information

- Server Mechanics : 255/120 Pre - Renewal Server
- EXP Rates: 12k/12k/Modified Drop Rate
- Frost & PK Server Max ASPD : 196
- Normal Card : 100% MvP Cards and Mini Boss : 5% Rare MvP Cards : 1%
- Battleground 3.0 rAmod.
- Ready to Hunt and Level Items

Server Information :

We're currently offering a action packed Hunting and WoE Server for people who dont have enough time to farm there items and gets bored in life. Try DarkRO!

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Meet our Team

[ Admin ] JEDAYUKI

Founder, works in the development area, assists in support and events.

[ Admin ] DARTH

Founder, works in the area of ​​creation, events, quest and site.


Game Master creation, quests, support, translation and events.

[ GM ] HAN

Game Master development, quests, support and events.